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New feature’s coming soon

Our website is brand new but we have some new feature’s planned for you. Here is a list of things that will be added to our website soon. A possibility to make your own video channel. A social login feature (register and login with your Facebookaccount) More detailed help page’s. Message’s when we posted a new […]

We’re online!!

From today our website is online. I hope you enjoy our website and here are some page’s you have to visit on our website: Youtube top 10 best watched video’s: Music category: Our help page: And our login page to make your own account:

Top trending Thanksgiving recipes in US

Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday of November every year, and was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Here are the top Thanksgiving recipes in the USA. And here are the the top  Thanksgiving pie recipes in each state. As you see turkey is the most populair […]

Youtube top 10: Best watched YouTube video’s

Youtube is one of the most visited website’s in the world. Youtube stands on place 3 after Google and Facebook. Every minute users of YouTube upload 72 hours of video content, every day 4 billion video’s are played and that number is still growing. In this top 10 list we show you the most watched […]

Hello welcome on our website!

Hello welcome on We’re a new video website with populair video’s from around the world. Did you like our website? I hope so, But if there’s something wrong please let us know what is wrong. Thank you. What would you expect on our website? On you could watch populair video’s from the internet. There […]